Camellia japoniaca

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Botanical Name – Camellia Japonica

Common Name – The Japanese Camellia

Family: Theaceae

Species: C. japonica

Camellia Japanica commonly known as Japanese camellia or Rose of winter is a flower native to Japan, Taiwan, China and South Korea.

Camellia Japanica is the official state flower of Alabama.

It is flowering shrub which can attain a height of up to 20 feet.

Camellia Japanica is pollinated by Japanese white eye bird.

The plant is easy to grow and maintain and is a must for all gardens.

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The flower of camellia japonica blooms for a long period of time.  

Plant Care Instructions 

Camellia japonica is a plant which needs some extra love and care as compared to other plants then only it will give you desired results.

 The plant prefers acidic and well drained soil. The ph level suitable for camellia japonica plant is 6 to 6.5.

 The camellia plant thrives in winters, loves shade and its buds come up in December and it blooms from January to March.

 It is advised to keep the plant away from direct sunlight as well as the new plant needs daily watering.

 The drainage should be good because it does not like standing water and it can cause damage to the root.

 Use fertilizer after flowering not when buds are present.

 It is always important to keep the plant in a shade area after transplanting as it helps in quick recovery and adaptation to the new environment. 

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