Aloe vera (L.) Burm.f.

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Family Name: Asphodelaceae

Synonyms:Dianella barbadensis

Common Names:Aloe, Barbados Aloe, Medicinal Aloe, Burn Plant, 芦荟

Aloe vera is commonly known as barbados aloe, medicinal aloe, burn
plant.It is an easy, attractive succulent that makes for a great indoor
companion. Aloe vera plants are useful, too, as the juice from their leaves
can be used to relieve pain from scrapes and burns when applied topically.


Light:Full Sun

Water:Little Water, Water when soil feels dry to the touch, do not over-water.

Fertiliser:Keep your plant in top form by feeding it every few weeks with a dilute solution of liquid fertiliser or sprinkling solid fertiliser over the soil.

Soil: Dry Soils / Drought, Well-Drained Soils

Height:0.3-0.5mH apprrox.(Vary in size)

Pot type:Plastic pot 15×15

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