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Anthurium andraeanum has strong green, leathery leaves in arrow shape as well as shiny, white, and red bracts. The flower head is cylindrical in shape and changes colour from white to green and yellow. Under ideal conditions, anthuriums bear flowers all year round.

It is also very easy to clean.

Name: flamingo flower
Botanical Name: Anthurium Andreanum “Fiorino”

Home: tropical rainforests

Pot size: approx 14cm
Total height: approx. 55+cm

Location: bright, warm window seat, but without direct sunlight. An east or northwest window is best.
The temperatures should be constant between 19 and 23 °C.

Watering: little watering – the roots and also the substrate starts to rot when there is too much moisture.
Therefore, water a little at most once a week.
Alternatively, the substrate can be sprayed with soft water once a day.

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