Christia vespertilionis

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Family Name:Fabaceae (Leguminosae)

Synonyms:Christia vespertilionis var. vespertilionis, Hedysarum vespertilionis, Lourea vespertilionis

Common Name:Red Butterfly Wing, Mariposa

Christia vespertilionis – the Red Butterfly Wing – is a terrific, rare tropical from southeast Asia with leaves resembling butterflies in flight! This unusual species has variegated, bat-shaped foliage in eye-catching shades of purplish-red.

The Red Butterfly Wing can grow up to 60 – 120 cm tall, with slender, arching stems from which the unusual leaves are suspended. These striped “wings” are 5 – 10 cm wide. They tend to fold downward at night, and open up during the day! When the plant is mature, it starts making small, whitish blooms along the tops of the shoots.

Plant Growth Form: Herbaceous Plant


Light: Semi-Shade

Water:Moderate Water

Fertiliser:This species has average fertilizer needs. Feed about every 2 months with a fertilizer that contains micronutrients

Soil:Well-draining soil mix that is kept evenly moist (but not soggy)

Height:approx. 0.4-0.5mH(vary in sizes)

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