Clitoria ternatea L.

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Family Name: Fabaceae (Leguminosae)

Common Names:Butterfly Pea, Blue Pea, Blue Vine, Pigeon Wings, Mussel Shell Creeper, Bunga Telang, 蝶豆, 蝴蝶花豆

A magical flower loaded with medicinal properties. Beautiful and easy to grow!

It is suitable for growing in parks and gardens, on trellises, pergolas or fences for its attractive blue flowers.


Light:Direct Sunlight, Semi-Shade

Water:Moderate Water

Fertiliser: Fertilize with an organic fertilizer. Feed them with water-soluble
fertilizers around once or twice in a month.NPK 19:19:19 for Best blooming.

Soil:Well-Drained Soils, Fertile Loamy Soils, Easy to Grow

Height:approx. 0.4-0.5mH(vary in sizes)

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