Medinilla magnifica Lindl. (HANGING POT)

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Family Name: Melastomataceae

Common Name: Love Plant, Rose Grape, Magnifica Medinilla, Showy medinilla, Kapa-kapa, 粉苞酸脚杆

This tropical shrub bears drooping clusters of rosy pink flowers, giving it a common name of Rose Grape.

One of the most elegant flowering plants you can grow indoors, M. magnifica is every bit as magnificent as its name.

However, it’s not easy to please unless you can provide the high humidity this tropical native craves. Use every means to increase the moisture in the air around it.

Plant Growth Form: Shrub, Epiphyte



Water: Moderate Water, Water regularly to keep soil moist, allowing soil to dry slightly between watering intervals. Avoid over-watering.

Fertiliser: Keep your plant in top form by feeding it every few weeks with a dilute solution of liquid fertiliser or sprinkling solid fertiliser over the soil.

Soil: Well-Drained Soils

Height:approx. 0.4-0.5mH(vary in sizes)

Pot Type:Hanging plastic pot 20x20cm

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