Pisonia grandis

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Family Name: Nyctaginaceae

Synonyms: Pisonia alba, Pisonia grandis ‘Alba’

Common Name:Lettuce Tree, Kemudu, Mengkudu, Moonlight Tree

Pisonia grandis, commonly called bird-catcher tree, is a soft-wooded, brittle-branched tree that grows to as much as 60-80’ tall. Pisonia bears funnel-shaped, clusters of green sweet-smelling flowers.

Rarely flowers in Singapore.

Mature Foliage Colour(s): Yellow / Golden


Light:Full Sun

Water:Lots of Water

Fertiliser:Liquid balanced fertilizer every 3-4 weeks. It responds well to fertilizing with organic

Soil:requires a soil rich in potassium. The soil should be constantly slightly moist, but not wet.

Height:approx. 0.3-0.5mH(vary in sizes)

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