Platycerium grande

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Family Name: Polypodiaceae

Common Names:Staghorn Fern

Staghorn fern has its majestic cascading of fronds that makes it a good embellishment.

It is an epiphytic fern (a fern that grows on the branches of tree canopies or on fallen logs).



Water:Lots of Water, Moderate Water

Fertiliser:Feeding is rarely necessary, but mature plants especially those growing on bark should have two or three applications of standard liquid fertiliser during the period of active growth. For a satisfactory feeding, the bark section that carries the roots should be immersed for a few minutes in the fertiliser solution until it is
thoroughly soaked.

Houseplant care:Platycerium grande ferns are best suited to greenhouse cultivation, but can be grown in the home if water is supplied regularly. Platycerium grande is advisable to be mounted on a sphagnum covered wood plaque. This fern does not
do well growing on a hanging basket.

Clean the fronds of Platycerium grande by leaving them in gentle rain in mild weather or by mist-spraying them; Wiping them with a soft cloth or sponge is not a good idea as it will remove the attractive felty scurf. Do not allow water to remain on the fronds.

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