Sanchezia speciosa J.Leonard

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Family Name:Acanthaceae

Synonyms: Sanchezia nobilis

Common Name:Zebra Plant, Yellow Sanchezia, Shrubby Whitevein, Gold Vein Plant, 金脉爵床, 金叶木

Sanchezia Speciosa semi-woody evergreen shrub, bright green to smooth purple-colored stems, flowers pollinated by hummingbirds.

Sanchezia speciosa is an attractive shrub .It is grown for its interesting foliage, large deep green leaves with prominent
yellow veins.

Sanchezia speciosa will produce tubular yellow flowers with reddish bracts are borne on floral spikes above the foliage.An excellent shrub for planting under a tree canopy, although it will grow in partially sunny or shady areas it grows best in dappled light under trees.

Plant Growth Form: Herbaceous Plant


Light:Semi-Shade,Full Sun

Water:Moderate Water

Fertiliser:Recommends slow-release nitrocote or organic lactobacillus Aquis fertilizer

Soil: Well drained preferably humus rich soil – but can withstand some short periods of drought.

Prune after flowering to maintain shape and size.

Height:approx. 0.4-0.5mH(vary in sizes)

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