Phalaenopsis hybrids

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Family Name: Orchidaceae

The flower stalks of these orchids grow from leaf joints, or axils, and oftenbear multiple flower buds, which can bloom for a month or more when
properly cared for. Their long-lasting flowers are held on arching branches and open successively. A single multi-branching flower spike can have more than 20 flowers, and individual flowers can last for weeks.


Light: Phalaenopsis orchids need bright but indirect light, direct sunlight will scorch the leaves

Water:moderate water, Occasional MistingIf your phal is potted in bark watering once a week is generally sufficient.
If your plant is potted in moss, water when the top feels dry.

Fertiliser:During the growing season, fertilize your orchid with a diluted orchid fertilizer every third or fourth week. Skip feedings during flowering, as too much fertilizer will lead to excessive foliage and no blooms.

Potting Mix:Smaller orchids are potted in either a coco plug or sphagnum moss, Phalaenopsis should be planted in free-draining containers with large drainage holes so they never sit in water. Larger orchids are potted in a bark media.

Pruning and Maintenance : Prune mature orchids once a year during their dormancy period, after the blooms have fade


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